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Safety Footwear


Large Work Boots & Steel Toe Shoes in sizes 12 to 16


Big Tall Order has a wide range of high quality safety boots for big feet. While the rules may say you have to wear safety boots, they won’t say anything about not looking good while you do!

That’s where we come in. We have an elite selection of safety workwear than includes both large steel toe shoes and safety boots. Each represents the best protection, high quality materials and superior build quality. They also include every ounce of style the manufacturers could manage to squeeze into them.

Our range of steel toe work boots includes:

  • Amblers rigger work boots size 15 and up
  • Amblers steel toe work boots size 15 and up
  • Grafters size work boots size 15
  • Grafters large steel toe shoes

Each comes in a range of fitments and sizes, encompassing the most popular fittings around. So whether you’re looking for size 15 steel toe work boots, size 16 steel toe boots, or size 17 steel toe boots, you’ll find them here.

Not so long ago, it was all but impossible to find size 15 steel toe work boots. Thanks to increasing demand and awareness by shoe manufacturers, it’s now easier than ever before to find work boots size 15 and above. You can now look good and remain safe at work!

We now stock the very best safety boots for big feet. Each pair offers solid protection, comfortable fit and excellent value. It no longer matters what size you are, you can be safe at work while looking good for less than you might think!

Choose the perfect pair of safety boots, then browse the rest of our store. We have a huge collection of fashionable clothes and accessories for the larger man. All are the highest quality and priced to sell.

Big Tall Order, stocking the best value safety boots for big feet and large steel toe shoes on the market!